Tuesday, June 12, 2012

National Life Criterium

The National Life Criterium, a local race which I hold close since it was my first race ever, sent riders for a... well.. a ride. 1.2km loop with a giant hill in the middle of it, sent competitors in circles for the better part of 50 minutes in the A field on a hot and very sunny Sunday morning.  Going early from the gun off of the neutral lap, I was able to stay away with one other teammate Alberto, for 5ish laps, just enough to win a sprint prime. 

Once we were finally caught, I was able to sit in for a brief period in an attempt to get my lungs working again.  Growing up with asthma, my lungs has constricted at this point and were not looking to get any better.  Once an attack was thrown in, I was forced out for my free lap to let my lungs recover as much as they could before jumping back into the race.  Once back in, the leader and eventual winner, Bobby had already lapped the field once, and was going around for the second time.  A feat of strength, or strength of feet.
When push came to shove, I ended up finishing in 6th place.  Next time better planning and and proper fueling before the race are going to be important.  With the difference in temperature and physical exertion in said temperatures, the body is certainly doing more than it is used to.  With a history of asthma, it is going to be key to success to avoid triggering it however possible.

Arc hard, ride fast, go plaid!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Cliff Hanger Sprint Series

In the past week, there have been multiple chances at local glory.  Between the Cliff Hanger Sprint Series last weekend and the National Life Criterium both my hometown Montpelier, I couldn't pass up the chance to dive head on into the pain cave.

The second Cliff Hanger Sprint series was held in Montpelier, where riders went 4 at a time in dead heats to compete for the fastest spots up the stupidly steep hill.  I was able to top the first two of my heats with a PR of 1:40:00 or something like that up the hill.  Between my heats I watched as other riders dug themselves deep holes in attempts to launch the hill faster than those next to them.  Making it into the final round, I was feeling good and sitting on the wheel of the eventual Cliff Hanger Champion, Kip, when my stomach said "that's enough."  Though in fewer words, I had to let up my effort and fall back for a 3rd place finish.  Next time I suppose I'll try to devour food much earlier... rather than an hour before a competition like that.

Arc hard, ride fast, go plaid!