Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 and Beyond.

The upcoming season is proving to be an exciting year, and racing has yet to begin....

To start with, my company, Flahute Bikes, is officially releasing this spring.  A lot of hard work has gone in to building and selecting products to represent the Flahute name.  It has been a lot of work thus far, and is slowly winding down, but regardless, extremely exciting!  To partner the release of the company, a small team of riders has come together to represent Flahute Bikes under the name Flahute Factory Racing.  Granted, the team name still needs work... I am thinking something along the lines of Ludicrous Speed p/b Flahute Bikes, but in a realistic world, I don't see that ACTUALLY happening.

Keep your eyes peeled for plaid on the road... we'll be in these...

Can't wait to strap them on and get on the road.  With the extent of training from the whole team, I expect some awesome results and a lot of fun this summer!

Arc hard, ride fast, go plaid!

Catching up....

It's been a while since the latest edition of a Tubular Adventure.  The latest on the road being the Green Mountain Stage Race, a four day adventure which 1 year ago had been plagued by hurricane Irene, forcing officials to reroute 50% of the stages and cancel stage 4 on account of heavy rain.

This year however, had only one minor setback which cost a descent overall standing in the General Classification.  A stage 3 flat along the Bolton flats on Rt 2, which as any rider knows is riddled with potholes and can be detrimental to the condition of a tube, tire or wheel, set me back and left me with a solo ride into the finish atop the App Gap.  The other 3 days of racing went well however.  With a 26th place finish in the first Stage Time Trial, 11th in the Circuit Race, and 17th in the Queen City Criterium.