Origin of Bikeman

Out of old sprockets and tossed away carbon fiber tubing rose a man of bikes....  Motors of muscle crafted from the finest organic carbon molecules, Bikeman was born and began his tubular trek to glory....

Starting out riding as a commuter the first bike that I built was in 2008; a Columbus Steel Univega Modo Volare which used only recycled components and served the sole purpose of getting to work faster.  Once in college, an old high school science teacher, Steve, suggested attempting to race at one of the Onion River Sports Practice Criteriums at National Life.  The beginning of The Tubular Adventure of Bikeman...

2009 - ORS Training Series
Only entering into a few B races at the 2009 ORS Practice Series, which was a total of 20 laps around a .9 mile track where results consisted of DNF, DNF and DNF.  I was only able to complete 10 out of the 20 laps and since this series ended before the summer, I spent the rest of my time, through the summer until the fall riding about 4 days a week for about 14 mile to start and eventually 70 miles in a day.

2009 - Harpoon Point to Point
The summer was topped off with the Harpoon  Point to Point Century Ride, in which I was the first to complete the 35 mile trek to the first check point in Montpelier.  Leading up to this I had spent a good portion of the summer riding with Andrew McCullough a friend and teammate who as of 2011 rides with Kallisto - Wheels of Bloor Cycling Team.  Riding with him is like watching a dog chase a car that it will never catch.  I certainly had to work to keep up, but it was worth it.

2010 - UVM at West Point
The following year, in 2010, I joined the  University of Vermont (UVM) Cycling and eventually Onion River Racing (ORR).  I raced through the second half of the collegiate season in the C division.  Not producing results, I found motivation between the end of the collegiate season and the start of the summer racing season to train more.

2010 - ORR Training Series
Results improved drastically after the conclusion of my first collegiate season.  With the added motivation of a newly built Pinarello Galilleo I posted my first win at the 37th Annual Lake Sunapee Road Race.  I was more than jazzed to see what my training had resulted in.  The results only improved from there, finishing atop the podium in multiple races including the Onion River Sports Training Criterium Series at National Life which only a year earlier I could finish barely half.

2010 - GMSR Stage 2 Finish Sprint
My season closed out with some rookie tactical mistakes in the Green Mountain Stage Race (GMSR), which left me just shy of enough points and races to become a Category 3 racer.  Coming off of GMSR, I learned many tactical lessons including when to attack, when to chase, and when to relax and save it for the next day.  Having not performed how I wanted to, I found extra motivation to train harder, increasing my hours to 20+ hours of riding per week to build base for the following season.

2010 - Training in November
To mark my second official season of bike racing, I upgraded my bike with the carbon creation of Flahute, a brand which was stormed up by myself and John, a fellow teammate at ORR.  I will be racing the full Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference Series with UVM starting in Men's C and hopefully upgrading to Men's B before Easterns at the end of April. 

It is now 2013.  A lot has changed and things have come a long way.  Stay tuned this season for lots of fun.