Saturday, November 30, 2013

Welcome to Winter: A Season Recap and Looking Ahead.

Well well well.  Here we are again.  Winter is upon us. The time of year most folks have put their bikes away for the season and pulled their skis down to get sharpened to do the other stupid sport of skiing.  Someone had the idea to fly down a mountain on sticks.  What will happen when we crash?  We'll figure it out later.

Don't get me wrong, I love skiing.  I also love biking.  That said, when I think of the situation when I have to explain to someone "what is skiing," or "what is biking" the simple explanation always cracks me up.  Where skiing is sticks to snow, biking is wheels to the tarmac, dirt or wherever your steed takes you.

Anyways.  You're here because you're curious, not to hear about how the season went, but to hear stories about the season and the goings on within cycling.  I'll stop blabbing on and get right too it... afterall, it was an exciting year, what with flipping over a bridge in the early season only to get back on the bike and get some stellar results.  To avoid repetition below is a small early season recap, followed by a more detailed account of the season from Barre Grand Prix and beyond.

As many of you know who have stumbled here before, I flipped over a guardrail on a bridge in early May.  While the physical damage was minimal, it took some mental recovery before I was really ready to race.  Racing the Barre Grand Prix, while a simple race with easy corners I noticed myself fairing away from close contact to other riders and not taking the risks and chances I needed for the elusive Big Dubbya.  Beyond Barre, I had a summer of great training.  Venturing up Bolton Notch Road once a week as part of a 60-80 mile ride and many chances to redevelop the mental nerve (or lack there of) to get that there yonder sledge a swingin' (re read that a few times until you get the accent that is meant to go along with it.. you'll get it.  Laugh when you do.  Clown.).

It wasn't until the Green Mountain Stage Race I was able to find my stride and swing away at the attacks of my competitors.  Jared, a former teammate from Onion River Racing and all around stellar dude (one might even say "what a mensch"), was the goal for myself and other riders during the GMSR.  We wanted him in the Green Jersey (Sprint Leader).  In order to make this happen, the strongest riders of our collective would need to follow every attack, every breakaway and guard Jared from trouble.  I am proud to say we were able to keep him in the Green through Day 3, and up until the finish of Day 4.

All days of racing were hard, day 2 being the most fun, riddled with attack after attack.  It was not a race for the lazy.  Off the gun Jared was away with two other riders.  I was able to bridge up and provide some welcomed help to keep the break away and start racking up points on the lap.  Once we were caught, more attacks went and I ended the day with an 11th place.  The inbetween is fuzzy now... being November and all.

There is not much more to tell from the season.  There was some cyclocross, and some mountain biking, but thats about it.  We are into ski season now and the focus is already on to next season.  Training is going well, coming off a rest week and back into some base training.  I am hoping to kick the season off with Battenkill and Myles Standish.  From there, the sledge will be swung and hopefully a Dubbya will be found.  Until then, I am going to making a fool of myself this winter... outside of the usual antics, I will be racing Nordic this winter and attempting Biathlon.  At least, that's the plan.  Racing is Tuesday Races at Stowe, Wednesday Races at Sleepy Hollow, Friday Slaloms at Cochrans.

Busy busy busy...

Arc hard, ride fast, go plaid!

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