Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Training for Super Strength Part II

This is a rough outline of what my current training schedule looks like.

7-Day Training Schedule
Day 1: Timed Intervals X3
Day 2: "Climbing" Intervals X4
Day 3: Ultimate Intervals X6
Day 4: Recovery Ride
Day 5: "Climbing" Intervals X8
Day 6: Ultimate Intervals X6
Day 7: Timed Intervals X2

Workout Descriptions:
15 minute warm-up on bike before each interval type
Follow each workout with core and flexibility target stretching (ex: groin, quads, hamstrings, calves, back, shoulder, etc)

Recovery Ride: Used as a day of recovery (easy ride or other movement), or a make up day if another day has, or is going to be missed.  No more than 1 hour.

Timed Interval:
10 minutes at 70% max heart rate
1 minute at 80% max heart rate
30 minutes at 60% max heart rate

"Climbing" Intervals:
4-8 minutes out of the saddle high cadence at 80% max heart rate (increase by 1 minute for every rep)
8-10 minutes of recovery at 60% max heart rate

Ultimate Intervals:
2 minutes 30 seconds hammerfest at 80% max heart rate (either in sprint or TT position.  Switch between in and out of the saddle, but still in the drops)
5 minutes of recovery at 60% max heart rate

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