Friday, July 1, 2011

Didn't race, Rode instead

This evening I was supposed to be heading to Exeter, NH for the 29th Annual Exeter Hospital Criterium, but because of late work release, and not enough time to get to the race and still be able to warm up, register, swap out wheels or even get dressed, I instead stayed in Montpelier and enjoyed a nice hilly ride just outside of the Montpelier town lines.
Lots of awesome climbs no further than 10 miles outside of Montpelier.
Starting in Montpelier, we ventured out past the golden dome of the state capitol building and headed up Terrace Street and continued out further towards Middlesex and some lovely dirt climbs.  We eventually ventured off of the Terrace Street/East Hill Street climb to Molly Supple Hill, which is an average of 10% grade and feels like forever.  After climbing briefly, a long descent lead us to route 12 where we headed towards Calais Rd and continued our climbing tour through Calais and East Montpelier.  We concluded our ride with the glory of a Maple Creemee from Morse Farm, a great place to end a ride, as well as an awesome place for mountain biking in the fall.
Even though I didn't get to make it to the race, I thought it was important to make use of the time that I had to ride and progress further in strength and skill.  There are no races this coming weekend, so I'm planning to do some long hours and heavy miles to prep for the coming race weekends.

Arc hard, ride fast, go plaid!

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