Monday, June 20, 2011

Part of training is resting

Pond Rd leading towards Rt 116 from Dorset St.  One
of many roads taken in the past ten days.
The past 10 days have been spent dodging rain and not always successfully.  Today, although beautiful was spent resting and getting fresh for the days ahead.  While this entry is short and to the point, I'd like to stress the importance of resting, whether active or passive.

After spending multiple days in the saddle, doing rides both easy and hard the body needs a day which it can rest and recover.  The enjoyment of the saddle can sometimes be a curse, especially when the weather does not always cooperate.

Laundry day!
All in all, be sure to rest, no matter how nice it may be, it might be just as nice to just sit and enjoy the sun.  Rest days are also great days to do laundry.

In a quick gear update, I've been told a replacement set of cranks are on the way from FSA.  Racing will resume within the next two weeks.

Arc hard, ride fast, go plaid!

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