Saturday, June 18, 2011

Catching Up

While racing has been postponed by health, and now componentry problems, training has still been fantastic, but in order to get back to racing I am in need of a BB30 Crankset with a 172.5mm arm length.  
Please let me know if you have one you'd like to offload.  I've got wheels and other components for trade as well.  Contact me for more information at

After being sick for about two and a half weeks, my recovery and catch up is coming along steadily.  Once the school year ended, systems shut down and began the reboot process.  The past three weeks have been spent riding lots of hours on difficult routes and paths.  To catch y'all up to speed, here's an idea of what the weekly schedule has been like:

Sunday: Long hours 4+
Monday: 3hrs easy + Mtn Biking
Tuesday: 2.5hrs, hard and fast + 80 mile commute
Wednesday: 3hrs easy
Thursday: Time Trial + Mtn Biking
Friday: 3hrs easy
Saturday: Rest/Cross Training

While all of this sounds glorious, most riding has been very wet and miserable.  While I don't mind getting wet, it does get old having to clean my bike after every ride.

Recap of the past few days:
Thursday evening was marked with the New Haven Jct TT, a 13.something loop out beyond Bristol but before Middlebury.  I was joined by UVM strongmen Ben C and Jake W and the Wonder Woman herself, Shannon B.  We all took strong to the course in the evening sun, along with 16 other competitors including 1K2GO pointman Bobby Bailey.

With strong legs I managed to launch myself about 10 miles past the first turn.  Completely missing the course by said 10 miles, I used the time to continue working on my TT effort.  Looking at the map after the ride, I realized I had ridden out into Starksburo (past the Rt 17 turn to App Gap).  Whatever TT I had just ridden, I won... but only because I was the only one doing it.  Whoops.

Friday, now known as dirt day, was spent roaming the back roads of Chittenden County with 3 fellow UVM riders.  We spent the afternoon being led through the countryside by Tristan B who capped our ride off by leading us onto a goat road in the middle of no where.  I will honestly say, I have never had so much fun while being so terrified.  Perhaps this goat road will become a part of the future Tour De Vermont.  Flanders, eat your heart out.

Arc hard, ride fast, go plaid!

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