Monday, July 1, 2013

Catching up....

Looks like it's been a while and there's a lot to catch up on.  To keep the list short, there are many things on the horizon.  The past few months have been full of ups and downs.  Not limited to recovering from a near fatal accident, some terrible racing, and some fantastic riding.  Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

So, I'm sure you've been wondering, what near fatal accident or when are we going to hear what happened that lead to this picture...

The Crash

WELL.  Here's the short version.... While on a UVM training ride over the 6 big gaps over Vermont, while passing through the flats along route 15 between Roxbury and Randolph, a rather large rock came from under a riders wheel.  Said rock managed to throw my front wheel juuuuuuuust right, so that I went careening towards the guard rail.  Oh, and did I mention that said guard rail was a bridge?  In case I failed to mention this, said guard rail was a bridge.  With the sudden impact of the rail, I skidded along the rail o so briefly while still traveling at 25mph until the sectioning of the rail caught my seattube and launched me over.
Bumpy wrist two months
after the accident.
Small scar from road rash
two months after the crash.
Bumpy not broken wrist
within an hour of the crash

Mid Crash and Post Crash

Being extremely aware of my impending doom, I was able to spot the concrete abutment and know I would need to grab onto whatever I could as to not plummet to my death on the granite face below.  From previous experience in falling (TKD), I tucked my head, rolled and grabbed onto whatever I could to stop myself.

Opening my eyes, I saw my glasses on the edge of the abutment, and then the granite face leading to the river below.  My first reaction was to throw myself back, and hold on to something further than inches from the edge of the ledge, such as the guard rail I had just so recently flipped over.  Quickly catching my breath, I checked myself for injuries and fellow riders came to my side to make sure I was alive and not snapped in multiple man nugget sized pieces.

My injuries were majorly minor.  I managed to get away with a somewhat (and still concerning-ly swollen) left wrist (doctors say not broken....) and major road rash and bruising along my right leg.

I still have yet to get my groove back.  Racing hasn't been the same.... not just the lack of desire to travel by my self, but the fear of crashing is a larger reality than it was in the past.  For the time being, until I regain my nerve 100%, I have been able to enjoy some fantastic company riding that I otherwise would not have.  Found in recreational riders, and the fabled and "dangerous" triathlete who is said to never be trusted on a bike.  Much to my surprise, they make fantastic riding buddies, no matter how strange their attire may be.... with those helmets... and goon scooters.

The Race(s)

I haven't done any racing since I crashed.  Nothing beyond local racing where my showing has been the definition of pitiful.  Where my fitness is better than it ever has been and many months before being peaked, my nerve has not returned since crashing.  Riding so close at high speed near so many people who have competition in their heads is not allowing me to control my muscles in the way they need to be controlled in order to perform.

That said, I was able to post a 12th, 3 weeks after my crash, but nothing since then.  The course was the Barre Grand Prix, where we had our first team showing.  It was great to see the #plaid out on the road in it's competitive glory.

As for myself, the other races have been part of the local GMBC Criterium Series every other Tuesday.  My performance has not been what I need it to be in order to confidently go into a race and say, "Yea, I can win," even if I don't actually pull off the big dubb-ya.

In Other News

I have enjoyed some great riding... rather than write about it, here are a bunch of photos and the places they were taken.  Included are also maps of late glorious rides in Vermont.

Until next time...
Arc hard, ride fast, go plaid!

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