Tuesday, May 10, 2011

RIP Woulter Weylandt

A great powerful rider.  Woulter Weylandt.  RIP.
Stage 3 of the 2011 edition of Giro D'Italia was darkened by the sad passing of Leopard Trek rider Woulter Weylandt, a superhero in his own.  It makes me sad to think that it takes the death of another for us to realize our mortality.  In a sport who's riders have massive quads and can seemingly fly through the countryside faster than a speeding bullet, we are far from immortal.  I am reminded of a good friend, neighbor and teammate Dave who passed away last year in a tragic accident while racing the Tour De Divide.

While most of us who regularly compete and ride are aware of the dangers within the sport, there are reminders that are sparked in the instance of tragedy.  With the recent passing of Woulter Weylandt we are reminded of the friends and family which we would leave behind.  Leopard Trek, and the whole of the peleton showed a powerful demonstration of what it means to be a team, and to be a friend.
Leopard Trek and Tylar Farrar ride across after riding Stage 4 in complete
silence.  All nine riders withdrew from the 2011 Giro D'Italia after
crossing the line.
In silence, the peleton rode the full length of Stage 4.  Upon the approach of the finish, Leopard Trek and one Tyler Farrar rode arm and arm across the finish.  A tribute to their fallen compadre.  After crossing the line, all nine riders withdrew from the remainder of the 2011 Giro D'Italia.

It is within this powerful gesture we are reminded what is given to us in the privilege to be able to experience life in the way we choose.

RIP Woulter Weylandt.
RIP Dave.

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