Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cliff Hanger

Yesterday ORR tested out the potential Cliff Hangers course in Montpelier, VT.  Designed by Kip from ORS, a course to crush the soul and test the physical and mental prowess of a rider.  Five riders from ORR including myself took to this hill with the intention of cresting the Cliff Hangers route.  Having not looked an elevation profile of any sort, I was not prepared to the short and extremely steep climb.  Sections via Google Earth were measured to be a womping 33% grade.  Not counting ORS as our starting point, the climb averages 16%.  Personally, I thought this was a fantastic loop.  I do afterall, love getting my soul crushed by hills and other riders.  If you are one who feels the similarly, stay tuned for more on Cliff Hangers.  A great local climb, worthy of being crushed by.
The proposed Cliff Hangers loop, by Kip.

NOTE TO RIDERS:  Expect to have your pedals stop and your soul crushed.  The climb is brutal by all definitions, minus the fire gates of the underworld....

Arc hard, ride fast, go plaid!

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