Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stafford Criterium - Stafford Springs, CT

Stafford Springs was the host of hoards of racers as they poured in to the Stafford Speedway, a usual host for Nascar and automotive race events.  On the weekend, a host to the slew of bikers eager to taste the line before the rest.
The course was simple, using most of the motor speed way, and a brief switchback through the pits to keep things interesting.  A headwind plagued the far side of the course, making for a pleasant tailwind boost coming into the finishing stretch.
Racing started off fast with the pace pushing through until the finish of lap 40.  I started with a leg opener off the front of the field for a few laps.  As the race went on, many took flyers up the road, causing a chase from the peleton.  After flyers were caught, it generally took a lap or two before another went, while the contrary should be true and it just so happened that the move that stuck was an immediate counter attack off a flyer which lasted with one rider up the road to the finish which with the peleton working together, was unable to catch by the final lap.
Coming in to the final 5 laps, I moved myself up through the field and was able to hold my position while we attempted to chase down the breakaway riders.  With 2 to go, we caught two of three breakaway riders and I was able to position myself still at the front of the field.  Coming hot into the final lap, a rider clipped a pothole.  While he didn't go down, plenty of riders were startled and thrown off their line by the sudden jump.  I was able to squeak around the rider and stay up at the front with just enough riders to create a draft and slingshot towards the line.  Coming up to the final corner, I started to ramp things up until the straightaway.  Up into the straightaway towards the line, I was able to let lose my kick towards the line.

2nd in the field sprint, and 3rd for the day.  A good finish, a great race.  Up Next, National Life, July 15th, Montpelier, VT.

Arc hard, ride fast, go plaid!

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