Tuesday, March 1, 2011

As Naked As A Naked Mole Rat Wearing A Bike Kit.

With naturally grown aerobladed carbon fiber hairs for winter warmth, Bikeman sheds his layers of hair in preparation to face the three stages of THE SCARLET SCURRY....

With less than 4 days until departure for the Scarlet Scurry, hosted at Rutgers University, the layers of hair which built up through the winter for warmth, magically fell off over the course of this past weekend.  While many were stunned and disgusted by the trail of hair left behind, I was simply cold.

Put simply, less hair does not equal going faster.  Not in my book anyways.  Less hair means less to manage and also a more comfortable (temperature wise) ride.  With less hair on my head, and bush on my legs, the average temperature of athlete will drop 34% (this message brought to you by UOJ (University of Josh) an unaccredited, not real University, specializing in not real published statistics).

There is also then the added bonus of understanding why crickets rub their legs together and make wonderful sounds.  BECAUSE IT FEELS AWESOME!

In other news, training this week is a lot less volume, and more intensity for the early parts of the week.  To prepare for the 3 races this coming weekend, I have opted to give myself additional recovery time between rides and a full day of rest on the Friday before the first stage.  While the Tank on Two Wheels will be taking the whole of spring break (next week) off from training, intensity of the decrease in volume has been taken up a notch to make up for time which will be lost to what I would imagine to be the 3 S's of vacation. Sun, Sand and Super awkward tan lines.  While my trainer partner, who is yet to actually come up with an alias (and will thus be called Tank on Two Wheels until further notice) is enjoying said 3 S's, I will be in North Carolina with UVM Cycling.

During our stay in NC, we will be making base on Beach Mountain where rides will start and end.  I'm excited to be able to get out on the road.  It's been too long in doors with too many days on the trainer going no where.

Stay tuned over the weekend for results.  Here's to keeping the rubber side, down.

Arc hard, ride fast, go plaid!

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