Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fortress at Beech Mountain Day 4

The journey to Beech Mountain comes to a close as Bikeman ventures into the hills of North Carolina and begins his journey eastwards towards Vermont.

On the final day of riding at Beech Mountain, I felt well enough to venture to the outdoors for a short jaunt with some UVM teammates.  We made our way down Beech Mountain and headed towards Hickory Nut Gap.  We averaged an easy 14 mph up through the treelined switchbacking road.  After reaching the pinnacle, the group descending quickly, where we then split up, one group climbing back up Beech Mountain, and the other taking the support van back up.

Since I had been sick the past few days, I made the choice to take the support van back to the Fortress.  Making a quick and full recovery now is more important than packing in miles that would extend any given illness.

To any athlete who thinks it is more important to train than it is to recover from illness, think again.  Taking the time to recover from being sick will pay off more than pushing your body while you are sick.  Take the time to rest.  You'll thank yourself later.

Tomorrow we get back on the road and head back east, to NYC, where we will be racing a Criterium at Grant's Tomb.  Sunday will be a Road Race in NJ, after which we return to VT to resume classes.

Arc hard, ride fast, go plaid!

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