Friday, March 4, 2011

Like Popeye Runs On Spinach, Bikeman Run On...


While on the road, Bikeman finds fuel through liquid pasta.  Energy wasted on would be chewing is redirected to fuel the defeat of the Scarlet Scurry...

Short of actually having liquidated my pasta supply, prepping for race weekends with the proper types of food and nutrition is an important skill to possess.

A skill almost as important as your tactical racing skills.  For weekends it is imperative to remember to pack a proper amount of food, along with all of your gear.  This upcoming weekend I am venturing to NJ to race at Rutgers, then to North Carolina for to ride on roads with more liquid on the roads, than solid (water than ice).  After NC training, I'll be heading back North to race at Columbia in NY.  These 10 days of traveling require some intimate planning.  Short of revealing my dietary secrets (eating everything in sight, short of the kitchen sink), I have made 5lbs of pasta, which should last through the weekend and hopefully part way through training.

Remember, when bringing food, there will always be places around which you can replenish your stock.  A simple PB&J is an energy source which can come in all shapes and sizes (seriously, if you have a cookie cutter you can make your boring square or triangular sandwich into a DINOSAUR).

T-minus 1 hour until leaving for departure to NJ and a glorious spring break full of riding, racing and jean cut off shorts.

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Arc hard, ride fast, go plaid!

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