Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bikeman and the Ghost at Grant's Tomb - Grant's Tomb

Brief glory at ECCC Week 2 - Grant's Tomb Criterium

Bikeman ventures to the big apple to investigate sightings of an evil ghost... stories say the specter hums the sound of a full carbon disc wheel....
(there is no ghost... just a sweet title!)

This weekend was cut short by mass amounts of rain in NJ which forced the cancelation of Sundays Road Race.  However, Saturday was a warm sunny day of racing in New York City at Grant's Tomb.  The course was a .9 mile track with a power climb followed by a 120 degree corner into a descending straight away and banked left hand curve leading back to the climb.

Attacking the field at Grant's Tomb Criterium
ECCC Week 2, the Grant's Tomb Criterium was a disappointing 49th place finish for me.  I made the obvious tactical mistake by attacking off of the first lap with too little gusto to carry any break through the whole race.  This said, I was noticeably still exhausted and not fully recovered from illness gained while in NC.  Half way through the race I could feel my lungs start to seize up, causing me to fall off the back of the main pack.

While I and many did not perform to potential, I have to keep reminding myself that it is early in the season.  I still have a good eight months left of racing, and I am only two weeks in to the season.  While fitness is still improving, there's quite a ways to go before I am at peek performing levels.


  1. You have piqued our interest, and we look forward to peeking at your peak performance. Congrats on your brief glory, and look forward to more as the season progresses!

  2. Thanks Bill! Make sure to subscribe and follow along, this weekend is Philly Phlyer hosted by Temple and U Penn featuring a Team Time Trial, Criterium and Circuit Race.